Khăn ướt Tini 100 Hồng - Hương phấn

Product description

Tini 100 Pink Wet Wipes - Baby wipes with powder scent

Tini 100 Pieces Wet Wipes are manufactured and used automatic, closed line technology according to international standards combined with selected raw materials and checked from input to ensure products reach consumers with high quality. best quality.

Tini Wet Wipes 100 pieces of powder scent are easy to use, suitable for the whole family, and are environmentally friendly.

Ingredient :

Tini 100-piece wet wipes are made from soft embossed non-woven fabric, giving your baby a clean and safe feeling when using.

Natural extracts, make the skin smooth, soft and do not cause skin irritation.

Alcohol-free, protect baby's tender skin.

The scent is mild and comfortable to use.

Direction for Use:

are for skin hygiene, suitable for baby use.

Suitable for many cleaning purposes such as: travel, sports...

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