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Tina Tino Baby Wet Tissue

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Tina Tino Baby Wet Tissue – Better for Your Baby


Use a damp cloth every day has become a habit of mother baby care. It’s really handy and needed every day. You’ll save tons of time when the baby care.

When you go to faraway places, travel or even go out the Baby Wet Tissues are indispensable friend. Only with a Baby Wet Tissue you’ve hygiene face, nose, hand, foot for an easy baby, plus you can use for yourself.

These samples Baby Wet Tissues we provide safety for the baby, with many different kinds of comfort to the choice of the mother.

Tina Tino Baby Wet Tissue are made from soft materials like cotton with neutral formula and aloe extracts, gentle cleansing and skin care, handy wherever you are.

Ingredient :

Nonwovens, Purified water, Alo Vera, Polysorbate 20, PHMG, Vitamins E, Natural scent. The product does not contain alcohol, does not irritate skin, suitable for all skin.


200mm x 150mm


80 sheets / pack, 24 packs / Carton.

Storage :

Always put the cap immediately after use.To dry place, avoid direct sunlight and places with high temperatures.